Bartosz Nalazek is a polish cinematographer based in Los Angeles.

His narrative work includes feature films 'What Happens Later' directed by Meg Ryan; 'Inverted' written and directed by Jacek Lusinski, that won Best Script at Polish Feature Film Festival in 2022; 'Run Sweetheart, Run' written and directed by Shana Feste, selected for the 'Midnight' section of Sundance 2020; 'Eastern' directed by Piotr Adamski, nominated for Best Cinematography in the Polish Films Competition at EnergaCamerimage Film Festival 2020; 'Tell It To The Bees' directed by Annabel Jankel that premiered at TIFF 2018 starring Anna Paquin and Holiday Grainger; the Netflix hit 'The Perfect Date' directed by Chris Nelson and 'Song of Back and Neck' directed by Paul Liberstein, selected for US Competition of the Tribeca Film Festival 2018. 

In television Bartosz debuted with the limited series 'The Artists' directed by Monika Strzepka that was nominated for Best TV series of 2016 by the Polish Film Academy. 

Bartosz also worked as 2nd Unit Director of Photography for Janusz Kaminski on 'Call of the Wild' directed by Chris Sanders, 'The Post' directed by Steven Spielberg and for David Franco on 'Boychoir' directed by Francois Girard. After graduating from The Polish National Film School in Lodz, he assisted cinematographer Janusz Kaminski on feature films 'War Horse', 'Lincoln', 'The Judge' and 'Bridge of Spies'. He was selected for The Emerging Cinematographer Award in 2014 by The International Cinematographers Guild and nominated for the Streamy Award for his work on 'Making A Scene' for The New York Times Magazine.




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